Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Reverend Allyn Itterly, Pastor


400 Old Clairton Road
Pittsburgh (Pleasant Hills), PA 15236
(412) 655-2168

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Easter Service

Children's Musical

Just a reminder that this Sunday after church will be practice for the Children's Musical so please plan on having your children stay and any adult help is appreciated. Lunch will be provided! (We have lots of work to do and it is only a month away!)

Church Members To Lead Worship

On Sunday, April 29...member, Jason Weighley will lead worship and preach. He is the Christian Ed chair and a Sunday School teacher and past council president. No Holy Communion will be distributed

On Sunday, May 6...long time member Bud Herold will lead worship and preach. He has served Prince of Peace in a variety of ways including past Council President, property chair and a member of the Mission & Marketing team. No Holy Communion will be distributed

All Are Welcome

Welcome to Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Pleasant Hills! Throughout our community we are known as the church with the "Big Heart", the church where all are welcome.

Like the tapestry of a quilt we are woven together. We have different talents and interest. We laugh together and cry together. We celebrate together and mourn together. We break bread together. We share our talents with the church and in the community. Most importantly we pray together, we walk in faith together and we worship together.

We are a family with members from all walks of life. We have representation from different races. We are married, divorced and single. We are straight and members of the LGBTQ+ community. We are upper, lower and middle class. We are sinners, believers and seekers. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we disagree. We are family.

Come as you are, for each unique body makes our quilt more vibrant. We will cover you in Christ's threads of love. There is always room at our table.

"You are loved forever." Romans 8:38-39 (NIV).


Worship & Events

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